The majority of the individuals involved in Metro Work Center's programming want to participate in our Employment First program.  Employment First options vary and are designed to meet the individual’s person-centered goals. Individual interests and skills are always considered in developing and/or pursuing the right job opportunity.Employ

Many employment opportunities are community based and may include experiences with differing levels of supervisory support. Job settings may range from independent employment to supported employment which includes a Metro Work Center job coach on site. Some community employment opportunities are designed around groups of two to four Metro Work Center individuals working together to complete job tasks. Additionally, there are opportunities to stay at our facility and participate in work activities.

Some individuals secure positions as a direct hire of another company. For example, they may work at a local bank or in the neighborhood grocery store. If the job is part-time, the member may also spend part of their time participating in leisure and recreational activities at the Center.

Other individuals want to participate in a community job-share or an enclave work site. Based on an individual's interests and skills, we match that person with one of our current work sites or our Employment Manager develops a position to meet the individual's needs. Persons may work one or more days per week, depending on their interests and capacities. Work schedules are coordinated to include vacations and free time, as well as any personal appointments the individual might have. Job productivity is reviewed every six months and pay increases are available as skill levels grow.

Metro Work Center also offers in-house employment options. Individuals participating in on-site work opportunities experience a variety of jobs in a very supportive environment. Most in-house work is janitorial, clerical, or light assembly in nature. As examples -- members label and assemble newsletters for a Minneapolis neighborhood. Those who job share or work at a community enclave also have the option to work on in-house projects.