Recreation Activities

Leisure and recreation activities are another favorite pastime. During non-working hours the individuals work on arts and craft projects. The sound of music fills the air. There is strong competition in board and card games.  Individuals might participate in our "Women's" or "Men's" group. The fitness club concentrates on health and fitness. As part of the club, individuals like to take neighborhood walks, participate in exercise videos, and discuss healthy eating. Clubs meet on a regular basis, have official memberships and plan their own agendas and activities. Seasonal and holiday parties are always exciting events. Individuals create special artwork and decorations related to a party's theme. Some bad weather days will find participants choosing a video for an afternoon at the movies. In addition, there is an on-site gym with basketball hoop for indoor physical activities.

Getting out of the facility for bowling, a Twins day game, Como Zoo, or the State Fair becomes an exciting option for us. Our close proximity to Minnehaha Park enables us to enjoy outdoor settings for program activities. We also have our own yard games including bean bag toss, kick ball, soccer, catch, and croquet. Having fun and laughing are important parts of the day for participants in our recreation and leisure program.